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Ayurvedic Massage Course – Level 1


Antonella Faiazza (Ayurveda teacher and Yoga teacher)

Maria Fasella (doctor)

HAP (Holistic Alliance professionals) affiliated school: 



  • Ayurveda: origin and definition.
  • Philosophical and cosmological aspects.
  • The Theory of the 5 Elements.
  • Dosha Dathu Ojas.
  • The individual constitution.
  • Ills waste substances.
  • It unrolls the circulation channels.
  • Agni and Ama concept.
  • Virya Vipaka Prabhava.
  • The main causes of the disease.
  • Purification techniques.
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • The abhyangam massage
  • The anti-vata anti-pitta anti-kapha massage.
  • The oils according to the doshas.
  • The marma points
  • Neerabhyangam: Ayurvedic massage of the lymphatic system
  • Udgharshana: herbal powder massage for liquid stagnation
  • The Vastes: for joint disorders
  • Pindasweda: the massage with herbal boluses
  • Keraliano: energetic massage
  • Medical oils

Price € 1.400**


* If you prefer this course will also be available as an online course. Only the internship and exam, in the classroom

** Option to pay in 3 tranches

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