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Certification Fields

The Association being a not profit association in itself has as a purpose the safeguard the representation and the quantitative and quality growth of the profession of operator in the field of holistic disciplines.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria, the holistic disciplines are defined like “traditional and complementary medicines”(MT&C) and other bodies  define  them “holistic” or “bio –natural” .

Every operator within the holistic disciplines carries out his profession according to the regulation of one or many of the following disciplines or professional specializations:

1 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tuina.

2 Reflexology, Plantar Reflexology

3 Herbalist’s shop (phytotherapy in the different cultures in the world)

4 Kinesiology

5 Qi Gong and Healing Qi Gong

6 Reiki

7 Naturopathy

8 Essential oils and Aromatherapy

9 Craniosacral therapy

10 Pranoteraphy

11 Shiatsu Masunaga and Shiatsu Namikoshi

12 Tai Qi Quan

13 Ajurvedic Manual Techniques

14 Iridology

15 Homeopathy

16 Yoga Therapy

17 History and practice of Prayer, Meditation and the Rite in the Indo European culture (as long as its spiritual and devotional aspect is related to well-being and health)

HAP, in general, follows the MT&C utilization of products and practices that have been indicated by WHO.

The MT&C products include herbs, herbs-made materials, herbal preparations and final herbal preparations which contain part of herbs and other vegetal materials or their combinations as active ingredients.

According to the different local traditions, in some countries, medicines may contain natural organic and inorganic principles (for example animal or mineral materials)

The MT&C practices that are monitored by HAP include, in general, all the techniques  indicated by WHO such as the pharmacologic therapy and the health therapy which are based on herb-made medicines, naturopathy, acupuncture and manual therapies like: chiropractic and osteopathy. Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Thermal Medicine and other physical, mental spiritual and body-mind techniques are mentioned.