About HAP

Holistic Alliance Professionals (HAP) is a professional trade association representing professionals from the holistic world, as defined by the WHO (World Health Organization), following its parameters regarding the training and application of traditional and complementary medicines in the world.


HAP supervision guarantees both those who turn to traditional and complementary medicines for treatment (users), and the holistic professionals who apply them (operators), protecting training levels and ensuring their recognition in the world of work.


The main objective of HAP is the certification of the professional standards of the holistic operator already trained and inserted in the world of work.

HAP also favors the organization of training and specialization courses, in order to facilitate a training completion in holistic disciplines, where the standards are not entirely adequate. Hap supports professional updates.


In addition to professional certification and training of holistic professionals, HAP draws up a register for HAP affiliated operators that can be consulted by external users.

In the register it is possible to appear as an operator or as a training school, or as both.

Each affiliate based on his qualification is marked with a personalized badge (operator / school / operator and school) which will appear in the register next to the link to his site and his activities to be advertised.

Each affiliate is entitled to one free updating course per year and to have access to HAP courses at a discounted price.


HAP represents a strong and transparent holistic sector which guarantees a high professional standard.



PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY company number 653736 (register for companies of Scotland)


109b North High Street Musselburgh (Edinburgh)