Holistic Alliance Professionals

is a professional trade association representing professionals from the holistic world, as defined by the WHO (World Health Organization).

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About HAP 1

About HAP

Holistic Alliance Professionals (HAP)

is an association that aims to represent all of them professionals working in the holistic world, as defined by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) and the parameters recognized by WHO. That is consumer protection and the protection of paradigms that allow professionals to professionalize and see their work recognized.

HAP’s main objective 2

HAP’s main objective

is the certification of the professional standards of the holistic operator.

It favors the organization of training courses for the teaching of holistic disciplines, in an active way and including supports that meet modern individual, social and legal needs. In addition to professional certification and the training of holistic practitioners, the HAP aims to promote a placement for al clubs, associations, HAP members and all those who work in the field of holistic disciplines. In that, there is no real register for operators of holistic disciplines.

Our intent 3

Our intent

o create a representative and strong sector in order to create better conditions for work in a professional and transparent manner.

HAP offers operators support services in order to be able to exercise the holistic profession in a way that is in compliance with current regulations. So in addition to the highly professionalizing courses, we regularly offer informative and refresher courses in which many questions that generally emerge in those who professionally approach the holistic disciplines will be clarified.